Empowering communitites. Improving lives.

GivePower brings clean, reliable energy to those who need it most.
We'll focus on three impactful projects over the next eight months.

Standing rock reservation, cannon ball, north dakota

In 2016, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe began a powerful, peaceful resistance against oil pipeline development. Their hope is to avoid corporate and environmental disruption of their sacred land, tribal culture and history. While the struggle continues, the Standing Rock Sioux continue to pursue peaceful resolution.

Through the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy, GivePower is providing tribal members an opportunity to protect the environment and preserve their history. With a clean energy alternative, the community's quality of life will greatly improve.

Location: Cannon Ball, North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation approximately 10 miles from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sarara, Kenya

Sarara is a conservancy in Kenya. It is home to a variety of exotic animals and ancient ecosystems. People adjacent to the nature reserve depend on this land for their livelihood. Today, water security issues have led to extreme conflict in the area, now threatening their communities as well as conservation efforts.

GivePower is working on various solar initiatives in the region to create fresh water and new economic opportunities. Improving access to clean water, and generating additional revenue can greatly improve lives and make conservation efforts more sustainable.

Location: 11 sites total around Lewa and Lamu, Kenya.


Living in the cloud forests of northeastern Colombia, the U’wa have long struggled for basic human needs due to threats on their land, and abuse of FARC rebels. Their traditional homeland is almost entirely devoid of infrastructure. In addition to many shortcomings, they lack modern tools to provide quality education to their youth. As a result, they are increasingly unable to preserve the ancient tribe's cultural history.

GivePower will install a modern school that teaches traditional knowledge and language. Renewable solar energy can make a big economic, health, and educational improvement in this ancient community.

Location: U’wa Nacion, near Saravena, Colombia.